Specimen fishing


Specimen fishing in Roskilde Fiskeland is not to overlook, in the big lake, there are entertaining Specimen fishing after particularly Carp and Sturgeon. Many personal bests are turned here.

It is possible to park a few meters at its place, and stay overnight and barbecues by the lake.

See more pictures of catches at the bottom.




Roskilde Fiskeland offers Sturgeon Fishing in a class by itself!

We have more than 120 sturgeon in the lake consisting of three species Diamond sturgeon has the largest population in the lake with a weight between 2-12kg.


Beluga sturgeon, there are about 40 of the lake, with an average weight of 18kg and with the largest of almost 30kg, there is the real possibility of a record fish.

The white sturgeon is the most recent entrants into the lake, and is known for its really hard and fun matches, there are about 11 white sturgeon in the lake, with a starting weight of 11kg and up to several, at about 27-30kg


Diamond / Russian Sturgeon 8 kg


Beluga Sturgeon 25.5 kg


White Sturgeon of 26.5 kg


Sturgeon fishing is very similar to the carp fisching, mostly fished with karperig with either boilie or fish pieces on the bottom, the sturgeons is pretty much eating everything, and enticed with strong scents and like a good groundbait.

The sturgeon bites very carefully and often resembles the small fish bite, watching but rod tip rocking gently.

Roskilde Fiskeland has one of the largest waters in Denmark, there is plenty of room for good fight, sturgeon often make long tongue expired and can sometimes jump out of the water. - Make sure therefore to have your gear in order.


Carp fishing


Roskilde Fiskeland offers a unique carp fishing.

There are between 100-150 scales, mirror and grass carp in the lake.

With the greatest of approximately 18kg and the vast majority of 10kg is Roskilde Fiskeland probably the best pay water in Denmark.

We focus strongly that called a 20+ in 2016

We aim to become one of Northern Europe, Best Pay waters with several fish over current Danish records.


Lars with the lake's mirror carp record of 16.7 kg

Lars with lake scale carp record of 11.6 kg

Once again, Lars with grass carp at a small 7,4kg


If you want to try either sturgeon or carp fishing, we hold regular courses in this fishery, otherwise we have always happy and assist experts at the lake.


Image of specimen lake with depth maps

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