General rules for both lakes

1. Fishing is only permitted with a valid fishing license.

2. It is only allowed to fish with one single hook or one treble per. fishing line.

3. It is not allowed to fish with live bait.

4. It is not permitted to ground bait for trout, like yarn network is strictly forbidden as fishing gear.

5. Dogs must be leashed.

6. Cleaning of fish shall be based upon the keen cleaning table.

7. Waste must be deposited in the established waste containers.

8. Abuse result in review, and dismissal.

9. All traffic in the area is at your own risk.
10. Each fishing lincense is personal and CANNOT be shared with others.
This means that you can not share the number of fish, or bars with other guests.



Rules for Carp & Sturgeon Fishing

1. Only fishing with hooks without barbs.

2. All fish must be unhooked on the unhooking mat. (mats Available in kiosk)

3. No one sack of fish, the fish shall be promptly released after weighing and possible. photography.

4. No braided line closer than 1.5 meters from the rig. (Only applies to sturgeon fishing)

5. Do not use a boat to sail out fouls (baitboats are allowed)

6. Think of the other anglers on the lake, the fish not over other places.

7. Do not leave debris on the ground, use the bins.

8. It is allowed to forfodre, only the days you have purchased a license.


At the big lake is permitted.

Turn bivi / tent

Making fire, by the eager fire places.


Park around the lake.

Sturgeon and carp are both "Catch & Release" fish that MUST released.

Are you directly responsible, in a fish's death, or the movement of fish to other waters, will be the replacement responsible for new fish and expulsion for life.


Stør og karper er begge "Catch & Release" fisk, som SKAL genudsættes.

Er man direkte skyld, i en fisks død, eller flytning af fisk til andet vand, vil man blive erstatnings ansvarlig for ny fisk samt bortvisning på livstid.











Put and take