General rules for both lakes
1. Fishing is permitted only with a valid fishing license.
2. Please fish only with what is allowed, according to the Food Agency.
3. It is only allowed to fish with 1 single hook without barbs.
4. It is allowed to fish with live bait.
5. Fishing with nets or nets is strictly prohibited as fishing gear.
6. Dogs must be carried on a string.
7. Waste must be disposed of in the designated waste containers.
8. Abuse involves notification and expulsion.
9. All traffic in the area is at your own risk and risk.
10. Each fishing license is personal and can NOT be shared with others.
Ie You can not share fishing cards and rods with other guests.
Rules for carp, major fishing and malle fishing
1. Only fish with hooks without barbs must be fished.
2. All fish must be hooked on hook-up mat.
3. No sack of fish, the fish must be returned immediately after weighing and possibly. photography.
4. No fletline closer than 1.5 meters from the forage. (only for groceries)
5. Do not use a boat to sail tackle (baitboats are allowed)
6. Think of the other anglers by the lake, do not fish over other places.
7. Do not leave any waste on the ground, use the trash can.
8. It is allowed to feed, even the days up to your fishing day
It is allowed to:
Turn bivy / tent up
Make bonfires, at the set bonfire sites.
Park around the lake.
All fishing in Roskilde Fisheland is "Catch & Release" fish, which must be rescued.
If you are directly guilty, in either carp, grandmother, death of Sudan, or moving fish to other water, you will be liable for new fish as well as expulsion in lifetime

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