All payment is made via the website, which must be booked and paid for the time you choose to fish.
In the big lake there are 18 seats, with max 2 fishermen in each place.
In the small lake there are no fixed seats, but max 15 guests at a time.
Each fishing license is personal and can NOT be shared with others.
Ie You can not share rods with other guests.
There must NOT be started fishing before payment.
Roskilde Fiskeland has a day open, if you want to go fishing, please write an email so we know there are some outside.
In Danish privately owned lakes, it is NOT necessary to have the state's fishing license.
Carp, sturdy and suede fishing in the small lake (Max 15 seats)
Booking in the small lake depends on how many hours you buy, tap in on booking and choose how many hours you want, and it will calculate a total price for you.
24 hours 175kr
Children under 10 years of age fish for free according to paying adult.
Young people from 11-16 years fish half price.
Max 2 rods
You can buy time-limited fishing time in the small lake, on our online booking page, click here



Big / Karpe / Malle Fishing in the big Lake
5 Hours, max 2 rods 150 kr
10 hours, max 2 rods 200 kr
24 Hours, max 2 rods300 kr
Then per day 200kr
Purchase per. rod per day 50kr
Price example of 5 days incl. extra rod. 1350kr
You can buy time-limited fishing time in the big lake, on our online booking page, click here
Children under 12 years half price (max 1 bar)
If there is no purchase of a fishing license, there is a check charge of 500kr
Rental of lakes
Small lake
Rent for 10 hours 2500kr
Rent for 24 hours 3500kr
Great lake
Rent for 10 hours. 5000kr
rent for 24 hours. 8000kr
When renting lakes for official competitions. We offer more options. Contact us per. mail.
A 25% discount is given when renting a lake in the weekends. If you want larger arrangements with food and drink, we also offer this.

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